Steps To Getting Custody Of A Child 

Child custody can be one of the most contested decisions in divorce proceedings. Most divorce cases often include a child. Generally, both parents will put up fair and logical arguments for seeking custody of the child. 

Child custody is a complex and legal process. Most people would benefit if they tried to get legal advice about child custody and proceed with their case accordingly. Specific steps or procedures are used to get custody of a child. As a parent, you must know the steps involved in child custody. 

Ways to get child custody:

  • Mediation

The first and most effective step to getting child custody is mediation. A judge might order mediation after the process of child custody has begun. One can use mediation services to settle and resolve custody arrangements with their spouse. 

Meditations will be held by professional and trained individuals who can significantly help both spouses regarding child custody. Mediation is a neutral process; the mediator can help both parents decide on child custody. 

  • Legal Help 

An attorney can significantly help you in getting custody of your child. A lawyer will have the right experience and knowledge about filing a child custody case. Attorneys are generally familiar with laws and regulations about child custody in a particular state. 

It is always better to hire a lawyer as they can help you avoid blunders during the documentation process of child custody. If the forms for child custody are filled out incorrectly, you will likely not end up with the desired custody agreement. 

  • Demonstration 

As a parent, you must demonstrate and convince the court that you have the necessary characteristics and financial stability to raise the child. One should also collect evidence to prove that they are a suitable parent. 

Factors like employment history, housing, health, and abuse might be closely considered during the child custody proceedings. A parent must prove that they are fit and can provide a healthy environment for the child and their future. 

  • Custody evaluation 

A judge might likely order custody evaluation in cases where both parents cannot reach an agreement for the child’s sake. Mental health workers will usually perform these evaluations with special and dedicated training in resolving family issues. 

The judge will assign an evaluator or provide other options for a custody evaluation. A parent can also hire a private evaluator of the assessment. However, you should know that hiring a private evaluator can be significantly expensive. 

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