Top trends in tech industry you should keep your eyes on

Trust in technology and digitization is high. But the traffic light will be decided above all by the question of whether a new narrative of progress (“decarbonization”) is understood in the coalition and whether it can gain a majority. In the future, every technological innovation will have to answer two key questions: whether it is marketable and whether it does justice to planetary boundaries.

Video content will became even more popular

It’s not a new thing that the majority of people enjoy watching videos. Videos are memorized visually and it’s easier to digest. People’s favorite is short-form videos, so it’s not surprising that TikTok is the most popular video platform. Besides sharing content, TikTok is a place where you can make colossal amounts of money. All you need is a large audience, so considering acquiring subscribers on YouTube is essential.

The fight against climate change is becoming more networked and international

Major challenges such as pandemics and global warming can only be tackled in international networks. Climate change does not stop at borders. It is all the more important that countries with ambitious climate targets do not suffer any competitive disadvantages as a result. A border tax adjustment should be created as quickly as possible in order to avoid the relocation of emission-intensive production abroad, the so-called  carbon leakage .

The idea of ​​a climate club for global innovation pioneers, or at least within the EU, was proposed by Erlangen economist Veronika Grimm and has also found its way into the coalition agreement. This club of climate pioneers should agree on an ambitious CO2 price , would create something like a “Green Deal on Speed” within the European network of states and could become an important booster for a post-fossil innovation culture.

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